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Our Beliefs

Oasense began, like so many other great ideas, in a shower in Oakland, California whilst we were suffering from one the worst droughts in State history. The idea was simple: Is it possible to make water saving in the shower easier and more enjoyable?

This thought grew from a simple concept into an intelligently designed innovation.

We believe that with the right technology we can create better experiences, that will in turn encourage more people to live more harmoniously with our environment.

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The world’s first smart showerhead

"Oasense development began in 2014, in an effort to help my family save water during the California drought. The idea came to me in the shower one day in 2014, when I realized that a large amount of shower time is spent doing things that don't require running water, like shampooing and lathering soap.

The idea has been tested, tuned, and refined a lot since then, and in 2018 I was fortunate enough to witness a world class team gather together to deliver this concept to the world. "

- Evan Schneider, Inventor

A garage startup in Silicon Valley

Just like many other disruptive ventures, our team began in the founder’s garage in the San Francisco Bay Area. This was where the blood, sweat, and tears happened, a space where we ideated, prototyped, and developed our core technologies.

We also created our very first production line from here where we successfully assembled more than 60 smart showerheads. The team would finish all of the assembly the day before, test it in our own bathroom the next morning, and then drop off the package at USPS in the afternoon.

Working in this garage was one of the most exciting and fun things we experienced as we embarked on this journey together!

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Our all star interdisciplinary team 

Our pioneering effort involves experts from a diverse range of disciplines. The Oasense Reva showerhead is interdisciplinary by its nature, and we have assembled a world class team comprising of experts in; product design, sensor technology, low power electronics, manufacturing, supply chain, software, and marketing.

We started out in San Francisco, and now our team has expanded to London and Taipei.

Meet The Team


Chih-Wei Tang


Ted Li


Evan Schneider


Paul Petersen
Sr. Electrical Engineer


Claudette Williamson
Content Strategist


Tony Huang
Sr. Mechanical Engineer


Wayne Tu
Director of Software

Oasense product designer

Nelson Chiang
Sr. Product Designer

Oasense global supply manager

Sr. Global Supply Manager

Oasense digital marketing manager

Valeria Kravtsova
Digital Marketing Manager


Miller Hsu

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