Take a high pressure shower,
save 50% water

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Meet the eco-luxury showerhead

Indulge yourself in high pressure sensation that gives you a full rinsing experience. Reward yourself with blissful shower moment that makes a meaningful water conservation effort.

Starts saving water the second your temperature has been reached

Step towards the showerhead to initiate 100% full pressure flow.

Brilliantly designed for you

Upgrade to Oasense in under 15 seconds 


Intelligent shower unlimited power

Oasense powers its intelligent sensor technology by using micro-turbines that harness 100% of its energy from the water. That means no battery swapping and no external charging. Just install and it’s ready to use.

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Why a waitlist?

We strongly believe that this product has the potential to help people all over the world living in areas of water scarcity. Because of an ongoing global shortage of microchips, we want to prioritize our resources for our Oasense community members. By signing up, you will be on the short list to receive your Oasense showerhead before anyone else! 

100+ Pre Launch Testers

What our users are saying

"So easy to install, the water adjustment was so cool, keeps amazing water pressure, truly love it."

Nabil B.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA