What is OaSense ?

A smart showerhead that helps you save water without sacrificing the quality of your shower or the style of your bathroom.

High Quality
OaSense showerheads are made in the USA. Power lasts over one year with four replaceable AA batteries.
Impeccable Style
The top cover comes in a variety of vibrant colors to match your decor.
Easy to Install
Our connector fits the standard ½" NPT thread, making it simple to replace your current showerhead with OaSense.
Saves Water
OaSense senses when you're under the shower and turns off water flow when you're not.
High Water Pressure
Enjoy a powerful and luxurious stream uninhibited by water restrictors typically found in low flow showerheads.
One size fits all
An easy calibration procedure ensures proper functionality regardless of your shower size or style.
OaSense has a button for easily switching between "sense" and "standard" modes.

The OaSense Shower Experience:

  1. Turn on the water and set your desired shower temperature as you typically would. Water will flow through the OaSense shower head normally.
  2. Once the water temperature is just right, enter the shower and begin washing. Once OaSense detects your presence, it will automatically pause water flow when you step out from under the stream.
  3. If you ever need to switch OaSense into a more “normal” shower, press the mode button once and it will switch into “manual mode.” Water will flow through the unit without interruption, just as a typical shower would behave. Switching back into “sense” mode requires only one more push of the button.
  4. Get out of the shower and turn off the water valves. After 5 minutes, OaSense will switch back into idle mode (internal valve open) waiting for the next shower to begin.

Note: if the batteries begin to run low, OaSense will detect that and automatically switch into “manual mode.” Its internal valve will remain permanently open until new batteries are placed in the unit and “sense” mode is re-enabled.