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The first sensor enabled shower that saves gallons of dollars.


You drain 17,082 gallons of water per year.

Oasense is here to change that.

Thanks to our patented sensing technology, Oasense provides instant on/off control during your shower. Step toward the showerhead to experience a cascade of full-pressure water, then step away to enjoy the savings of paused water.


The “perfect shower”


Rinse off old notions

Oasense smart showerhead technology gives you the power to save as much water as you like.

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Oasense prototype pictured

save water

Save the planet


It’s time to ditch low flow.

Let’s be honest, low flow showers are bummers.

They drip and drizzle, causing longer, unhappier, wet-but-not-clean showers. Oasense solves this by letting you enjoy high-pressure water while saving gallons more per shower.

Our sensor enabled showerhead knows when you’re near or far and only streams water when you need a rinse. Showering with Oasense can save over 60% of your normal water consumption. Now you can thank yourself for saving the planet…from the comfort of your own home!


Production of our flagship showerhead begins in Winter 2019.

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