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The Shower for Smarter People

More than 50% of the time spent in the shower, is not spent in the shower water. Our sensor enabled showerhead saves this lost water when washing, and gives you the full rinsing experience you desire. Conserve water in a way that doesn’t compromise on your shower needs.


Designed for you, Devised for the Planet

Our future is dependent on access to fresh clean water. You can save more than 5000 gallons of water each year by using an Oasense showerhead. Make a difference, one shower at a time.

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Sensors That Save More Than 50% Water

Our embedded sensor technology delivers full pressure water sensation when you step towards the shower and conserves water when you step away. You can now save more than 50% water without compromising on rinsing.

Powered By Water

Oasense is the first smart shower device with built-in hydro microturbines. It harnesses 100% of its energy from the water. Your indulgent shower experience will always be powered, no need to swap out the battery.

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Conservation Begins Before You Step in

The Oasense showerhead knows when your desired water temperature has been reached and then minimizes the flow to 10% until you’re ready to step in. Experience freedom from habitual water wastage whilst waiting for your shower water to heat up.

Smooth Installation in Seconds

Our intuitive shower features have been integrated into one compact device. Install your Oasense shower in seconds by simply attaching it to your existing shower arm. It’s never been easier to embrace water saving technology.

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