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Say hello to the future of showering with Oasense


Empower your shower

Indulge yourself in high pressure sensation that gives you a full rinsing experience. Be rewarded with blissful shower moments that make water conservation feel effortless.

Sensors that save more than 50% water

Our sensor technology delivers full pressure water sensation when you step towards the shower and conserves water when you step away. You can now save more than 50% water without compromising on rinsing.

Conservation Begins Before You Step In

It knows when your desired water temperature has been reached and then reduce the flow to 10% until you step in. Experience freedom from habitual water wastage whilst waiting for your shower water to heat up.

Smooth Installation In Seconds

Our intuitive shower features have been integrated into one compact device. Install your Oasense shower in seconds by simply attaching it to your existing shower point (arm). It’s never been easier to embrace water saving technology.


Conserve water resources in your area

It's never been more important for us to make more conscious choices about our water usage. You can contribute towards a larger water conservation effort by making the switch to an Oasense showerhead. 

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Why a waitlist?

We strongly believe that this product has the potential to help people all over the world living in areas of water scarcity. Because of an ongoing global shortage of microchips, we want to prioritize our resources for our Oasense community members. By signing up, you will be on the short list to receive your Oasense showerhead before anyone else! 

100+ Pre Launch Testers

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"So easy to install, the water adjustment was so cool, keeps amazing water pressure, truly love it."

Nabil B.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA