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its common sense.

Ditch low flow and start showering with purpose. Oasense is the first smart showerhead that allows you to summon high-pressure water at your will, or step back and enjoy the savings of paused water flow.


Oasense for every one

 Oasense is the smart showerhead thats saves water at your will.
Join the Oasense movement to save water in your home, hotel, off-grid dwelling, gym, or spa.

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Do you own a green Hotel?

Oasense can reduce your hotel’s water bill dramatically. We will work with you to curate the best hardware option for your shower rooms.

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Is your water bill too high?

Replacing your showerhead with Oasense is the perfect money saving solution for your home, saving you up to 60% of your water bill.

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Do you have limited access to water?

Using Oasense can extend your off-grid water supply so you don’t have to worry about running out.

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Locker Room or spa upgrade?

Set your gym or spa apart with Oasense smart showerhead. Rest your worries, Oasense will put an end to low pressure, leaky showerheads.


make your home an

oasense oasis


Oasense beta DESCRIPTION

Oasense is a smart showerhead that helps you save water - on your terms.

how does it work?

Oasense functions as a normal showerhead until you step into your shower. As you’re showering, Oasense will sense the micro-movements you make when you step away to lather. These movements trigger Oasense to pause waterflow, capturing up to 60% water savings per shower. Summon a rinse by stepping toward Oasense again.



  • 2.2 gpm high-pressure water

  • Option to switch between two modes

    1. Eco-mode (water-pausing shower experience)

    2. Manual-mode (traditional shower experience)

  • 4in diameter head with sensor embedded

  • 50 high pressure nozzles

  • 4 AA batteries included


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