Video Virality!

January 15, 2017

No, we’re not talking about the head cold that infected everyone we know (including yours truly). Something much better is spreading like wildfire — an OaSense video!

Seemingly out of nowhere, the wonderful folks at YOO decided that OaSense might resonate with their audience. It sure did! The slightly modified version of our video that they’ve released to their social media account has blown up, with over 250,000 views in the first 24h period! We’ve seen more page views than ever, even more than when we were paying for ads and promoting OaSense heavily during our Kickstarter campaign. It just goes to show that the right content sent to the right audience can do wonders for publicity.

We really LOVE what’s happening, and want to thank all of you for liking, sharing, and commenting about OaSense. We’ve received lots of great emails as well and will be personally replying to each and every one ASAP. We really value and appreciate all of your support and feedback — it’s what got us here in the first place!