Super (Shower) Update

February 5, 2017

Happy Super Bowl weekend! Before I take a shower and get ready to watch the big game with my friends and family, I wanted to say hello and to give a quick update of our progress.

In the past month, we were lucky to be featured on social media by YOO Design Studio, Viral Thread, and Eastern Broadcasting Company. So far, the three posts got a combined 10.6M views, 119K shares, and 53K likes. As a result, the number of followers of our social media pages grew by about 2,000% and mailing list subscriptions grew by over 4,000%! We continue to be inundated with nice messages and great questions from around the world. We are working to personally reply to each email, so apologies if you haven’t gotten a response to your email yet.

On the engineering side of things, progress continues. Over the past month we’ve evaluated two sample sets of near-final sensors, and are working hard to make a few final changes to their firmware before production approval. Several bugs have taken us a while to iron out, and sometimes we find ourselves in a “two steps forward, one step back” scenario — but I’m personally happy because the overall direction is clearly forward!

As work on the sensor package wraps up, engineering focus will transition to injection molding of the main shower body components so that overall device cost can be brought down significantly (our target pricing for OaSense is ~$99 USD). Our hope is to have some updates to share on that front within a couple of months, at which point we’ll transition to focusing on assembly and finally on sales, distribution, and the complex logistics that go along with those activities.

In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep in touch with you all. Please continue to spread the word about OaSense when you have the chance!