Headed for Manufacturing!

March 15, 2017

The OaSense team has tried our best to reply to all of the questions from our beloved “OaSIPPs” (OaSense Interested Prospective Purchasers). You’ve asked great questions that we hope we’ve answered clearly via email and social media – thank you for reaching out! We’ve also used that data to construct a more in-depth features page, as well as an FAQ page that answers the more common questions. Please check them out when you have a chance, and let us know if we’re missing anything!

Over the past weeks, we’ve also had the chance to thoroughly test and benchmark our latest and greatest revision of the OaSense sensor – and it works great! This sensor embodies the final improvements that we determined were necessary after our year-long beta testing phase. Specifically, the new sensors address the following bugs:

  • OaSense now starts in the “open” position. This means that when you turn the water on, OaSense will run as a normal shower would. The intermittent behavior will begin once you step underneath, and then out of, the water stream for the first time. This addresses a common concern people had about waiting for water to heat up as they start their shower.
  • OaSense now detects low battery voltages, and automatically switches into “manual” mode until the batteries are replaced. This feature addresses the theoretical and highly uncomfortable scenario of having the unit run out of batteries and stop working just as you’re trying to get shampoo out of your hair. Instead of failing in the “closed” position, it will simply work as a normal shower would (always on) until new batteries are placed into the shower. As a reminder, 4 AA batteries should last for about 1 year of average use.
  • The improved mode button now works as an easy and reliable way to switch between “sense” and “manual” modes. Our previous versions had some issues with the button that have since been fixed.

It is now time for us to shift our focus to the manufacture of OaSense units…and the first step of that process is to determine what our initial production run will be. In order to do so, we’ve constructed a very quick survey that should take you no longer than 2 minutes to complete (you should have received one if you are on the mailing list). We would very much appreciate your honest response to this survey at your earliest convenience so that we can get started with our component ordering process in time to meet our summer availability target.