OaSense is Back!

October 11, 2018

Great news from OaSense: we are back! Who's "we," you ask? We are an expanded and new team: Chih-Wei, Ted, and me (Evan).

So... what happened?

OaSense was officially put on hold as of September 2017. At the time I saw there was no practical way for OaSense to deliver quality work, customer service, and support as a one-man shop. Rather than overpromising our supporters and putting myself into an unsustainable position, I decided to recognize reality and put things on hold, hoping that in the future I would find a better way to make things work.

Chih-Wei Tang represented just that golden opportunity. As a longtime friend and supporter of my work, he saw the potential of OaSense and relentlessly motivated me to bring the Company back to life. He officially joined the team in February 2018, and we immediately got to work together trying to find a practical way to deliver OaSense to the world. Ted Li, a long time friend of Chih-Wei's, joined our team just a few months ago. We all remain inspired by the original OaSense concept, and continue to see the potential of it having a tremendous impact on water savings on a global scale. Through additional field research and user testing, we feel we have identified ways to further improve the reliability and user experience of OaSense, while retaining its core promise: saving water on your own terms, without being subjected to the "low flow experience."

The new team

Chih-Wei Tang is an experienced team leader and engineer. He was a product manager at the Silicon Valley R&D lab of a major automotive manufacturer, where he helped to lead the creation and execution of new automotive features. Chih-Wei is a firm believer that the best innovations always address the problems of everyday life, and is passionate about improving those everyday experiences with the best technological solution. Chih-Wei holds a MS in mechatronics from Stanford University, where he met Evan. From this point forward he will be acting as the head of OaSense.

Ted Li worked for 6 years at the sensor-startup "InVisage Technology" (since acquired by Apple) where he developed technologies and helped bring lab-based R&D to manufacturing. He later worked at Apple as an Engineering Program Manager, where he helped to integrate new technologies into iPhones and Apple Watches. He holds a Master's degree in Material Science from USC. He is a traveler and nature lover, who is excited to work on products that have a positive environmental impact.

Evan Schneider is a lifelong learner, tinkerer, and avid problem-solver. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and Stanford. He was the original founder of OaSense. While he will remain a significant stakeholder in the Company, he is thrilled - being an inventor at heart - to transition its management over to a new, qualified, and enthusiastic team!

What to Expect

We are redesigning OaSense, based on existing prototypes, with a focus on improved product design, sensor performance, and overall integration. This process will benefit from a variety of inputs, and we are actively looking for people that are willing to help us fine-tune our product. If you are interested, and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, please feel to get in touch with us to learn about potential opportunities to help test or otherwise inform the OaSense product. In the next few months, you will hear more from us as we share future updates. Please stay tuned!