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Pilot Program

Thank you for your interest in the Oasense pilot program. We’re making our prototype devices available to those who are interested in saving water.
By joining this pilot program, you will help us refine our flagship showerhead.


Before we start, here are the tools we recommend for installation.

Teflon_Tape_Roll copy copy.png

Teflon Tape




Oasense is easy to use, and only takes a couple minutes to install.



Step 1
Loosen showerhead from pipe using a wrench in a counter-clockwise direction, then rotate off by hand.

Step 2
If needed, apply teflon tape onto the threads of your pipe in a clockwise direction.

Step 3
Rotate Oasense onto your pipe by hand in a clockwise direction, then tighten with a wrench.


Before it detects you, Oasense functions like a regular showerhead.
After it detects you, it pauses waterflow when you step away.


Showering with oasense

Step 1
While standing outside your shower area, turn on the water to your desired temperature.

Step 2
Go ahead and step into your shower when the water reaches your desired temperature.

Step 3
Oasense functions like a regular showerhead when you are below it; simply step away when you want Oasense to pause waterflow.

Step 4
After you finish showering, be sure to turn off the water, just like normal. Oasense will only pause water for 5 minutes before returning to full waterflow.


Oasense has two settings, Manual Mode and Eco Mode.
To detect and switch settings, follow the guidelines below.


Switching to eco mode

Step 1
Press and quickly release the black button. Look for two consecutive red blinks.

Step 2
While the water is on, stand outside the shower area and place your hand at head level in front of Oasense.

Step 3
If Oasense responds by starting or pausing waterflow, then Eco Mode is confirmed.



Switching to manual mode

Step 1
Press and quickly release the black button. Look for a single red blink.

Step 2
If Oasense functions like a traditional showerhead, Manual Mode is confirmed.


Issues we’re resolving

Eco Mode may be interrupted due to:
1. Water droplets resting on sensor
2. Condensation on sensor
3. Humid conditions in the shower
4. Low battery
5. Poor sensitivity to long dark hair

When paused, water temperature may fluctuate due to different:
1. Plumbing infrastructures
2. Shower fixtures
3. Water heaters


Join us

Welcome to the Oasense family

To pilot test an Oasense showerhead, please fill out the form below.
If you’re already a pilot participant, we encourage you to submit feedback and feature requests below.

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