Chih-Wei Tang

Chih-Wei Tang is an experienced team leader and engineer. He most recently worked as a product manager at the Silicon Valley R&D lab of a major automotive OEM. He is a firm believer that the best innovations always address pain points from our everyday life, and is passionate about improving those experiences with new technology. Outside of work, he is a world traveler and loves to explore the beauty of nature and human history with his family. Chih-Wei holds a MS in mechatronics from Stanford University, where he met Evan.

Ted Li

Ted Li is a nature lover, passionate about conservation and sustainability. He was the lead nano-technologist at sensor startup InVisage technology (acquired by Apple), where he helped bring a lab-scale science project to manufacturing. He continued to work at Apple as a program manager, where he helped introduce new technology into iPhone and Apple Watch displays. He holds Master and Bachelor degrees in material science from University of Southern California and National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. In his free time, Ted enjoys travelling, landscape and wildlife photography, and promotes the zero-waste lifestyle (which he tries to lead himself!)

Natalie Rowan
Director of Design

Natalie Rowan is an award winning Industrial Designer with 5+ years of ID, ME, and business leadership experience. She’s a spunky and warm personality who enjoys enlivening activities such as cooking, snowboarding, hiking, and frequently hosting dinner parties. She delights in crafting hospitable experiences that enlighten human behavior through design. In the past she has designed and developed products for emerging consumer electronics, e-automotive, furniture, housewares, retail, and sporting goods industries.

Evan Schneider

Evan Schneider is a lifelong learner, tinkerer, and avid problem-solver. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and Stanford, and was the original founder of Oasense. He has a passion for building functional mechanical objects that solve real problems, and continues to live that dream via his involvement in multiple companies (including a 3D printing service bureau, an industrial winemaking tool company, and of course Oasense). When he’s not busy working on a new idea or prototype, Evan enjoys his hobbies: hiking, sculpture-making, moped restoration, RC cars and helicopters, high-power model rocketry, gardening, and a healthy amount of video games.


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