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Oasense is Reddot Innovative Product Design Winner 2022
Oasense Reva is Reddot Winner 2022
oasense reva won CES 2022 Innovation Award

Your high pressure eco-shower solution

The next generation of intelligent shower technology

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Putting pressure where it matters most

The Oasense Reva showerhead gives you 100% full throttle water pressure and saves more than 50% water, taking the pressure off your household water consumption.

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Taking shower sustainability
to the next level

Be in control of your water impact without lifting a finger. You can save over half of your shower water by simply pausing to take a small step back when lathering up.

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Your High Pressure Shower Solution

The next generation of intelligent shower technology

Designed around you

By prioritizing our users shower experience, we’ve created a human-centric solution that captures the essence of a blissful shower and provides significant water saving for our users. Learn more

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Under the hood

Our first of its kind advanced sensor technology will revolutionize the way that we shower, making our shower not only purposeful but also pioneering.  Learn more

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Our mission

Oasense is on a mission to create human-centric solutions to combat the increasing global water deficit.  Conservation no longer has to mean compromising.  Learn more

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