Shower Sensibly

Love, Love, Love my new shower head! Best at home shower I have had in years! Incredible pressure, and I love the flexibility of the sensor.
Jack Y.
San Francisco, CA
What an inspired use of technology! The shower head itself is very good-looking, easy to install, and even adjusts to the on-off range each person needs. A shower is now a guilt-free experience. I am looking forward to what this inventor comes up with next. In the meantime, many thanks.
Elizabeth H.
Oakland, CA
The OaSense is working beautifully. Calibration is easy and water pressure is as good as or better than the very fancy shower head we used to have. The little red button is a simple way to change the mode from water saving to continuous, great for when the water is heating up or when we’re cleaning the shower. Thanks for helping all of us Californians conserve our precious resource!
Jeff K.
Orinda, CA
I love showers, but I hate all the wasted water. Now, with OaSense, I feel great about being water-wise. It’s easy to have the shower spray when I want it and save water when I don’t. Easy to set up, easy to use each day, and easy to save water without giving up my shower!
Michael H.
Oakland, CA
I have been using the OaSense shower head for over 6 months. Now, I couldn’t live without it. Conserving water while experiencing full water pressure is the perfect shower.
Jan M.
St. Helena, CA
I am so honored to be one of the early adopters of your product. It has been a lot of fun to watch OaSense get off the ground and come to market. I love my showers…I am not embarrassed to admit it. Now I enjoy them even more with my OaSense shower head, knowing that I am saving water. Great product! Thank you!
Gary S.
Orinda, CA