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oasense reva won CES 2022 Innovation Award

Your high pressure eco-shower solution

The pioneering sensor showerhead

Putting pressure
where it matters most

Oasense Reva is the smart water saving showerhead that gives you 100% on demand full pressure rinsing. Behind the luxury 6” rain shower facade, our advanced sensors work to reduce the water flow when you step away. Saving 50% water each time you shower.

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Taking shower sustainability
to the next level

With water scarcity becoming an increasing concern in the western U.S. and other drier regions in the world, you can make a difference in your community for generations to come from the comfort of your shower.

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Your high pressure eco-shower solution

The pioneering sensor showerhead

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Design that’s driven by people

We believe that the journey to a more sustainable future begins at home. With our smart shower technology, Reva provides the tool to help people achieve greater peace of mind knowing that they’re actively contributing towards conservation in their communities. Learn more

Oasense shower head in drought area.jpg

Our Mission

Our goal is to create human-centric solutions to combat the increasing global water deficit by designing the future of smart bathrooms and enhancing the shower experience. Conservation no longer means compromising with Oasense. Learn more

The sensor shower head

Oasense Reva’s advanced sensor fusion technology provides much more than motion sensing, it also adapts to your shower habits and intuitively delivers your water when you want it. Reva will revolutionize the way that we shower, making our showers purposeful and pioneering. Learn more


Why choose the Oasense smart showerhead?


Polished to perfection

From concept to production, our in-house team designed all of the fundamental building blocks; including sensors, electronics systems, and product design. Each product is finished with the highest standard of craftsmanship to elevate the shower design and experience.

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