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Tech inside Reva smart shower.jpg

Under the hood of Oasense sensor shower head 

Micro-turbine generator

High power battery pack

Sensor suite, Microprocessor,
Auto shut-off valve,  Power electronics

Oasense showerhead reva tech.jpg

Under the hood of the Oasense Reva showerhead

Micro-turbine generator
Sensor suite

Auto shut-off valve
Power electronics
High power battery pack

Always Adapting

Oasense intelligently learns and adapts to everyone's way of showering, and improves with each shower.

Precise sensing

Oasense's sensor fusion technology packs in an array of custom infrared sensors and has a supplementary sensor to allow it to detect clearly in all conditions.

Unlimited Power

Oasense's advanced electronics is powered by a high performance micro-turbine, that means you'll never have to charge it.

Technologies that power your future shower

oasense temperature detection

Precision water warmup thermal shut-off valve

Up to 30% of the shower water can be lost in the time between turning the water on and waiting for it to heat up. Oasense offers better solutions than a temperature display or LED. We detect your set temperature. 

With Oasense's technology, as soon as the shower head is activated by the water, it measures the water temperature at high frequency via a piece of stainless steel insert that is in direct contact with water to minimize any measurement delay. As temperature data is collected, Reva fits the data into our proprietary statistical model to check if the water temperature is close to a thermal equilibrium state or a typical shower temperature before it shuts off the extra flow like an automatic TSV shower head. This is how Reva anticipates your needs and adjusts the water automatically to always be ready for you.

oasense senseor suite

Adaptive learning and sensor fusion

In high humidity conditions such as in a foggy shower stall, typical infrared based sensors, like motion sensors, TOF (time-of-flight) or PIR (Passive-IR) sensors can easily produce false-positive signals due to ubiquitous water molecules in the air.

For Oasense's shower sensors to see through these challenging conditions, we designed our own sensor fusion technology with a proprietary infrared sensing array that emits more than 144 high intensity infrared beams per second. The sensor suite also includes a DOSS to provide supplementary sensing capabilities. Our microcontroller then transform these signals to a mathematical representation of proximity. During each shower, our machine learning algorithm or pseudo AI continues to learn to adapt to each shower environment, and automatically calibrates itself for each user, to provide a highly reliable sensing result.

oasense turbine.jpeg

Smarter shower, unlimited power

High performance sensors are usually power hungry, and need to be connected to an external power source or charged frequently. 
Oasense combats this issue by generating its own clean energy for the sensors from the shower water when rinsing, and any extra energy is stored in the battery to be used when Oasense is saving water. Oasense effectively shortens the time that the water is fully turned on, but that would mean that the turbine may have only 3 minutes for an average shower to capture enough energy to supply these hyper power hungry sensors. In order to overcome this issue, Oasense's electronics system was developed with the lowest possible power consumption, and the power generation system was designed from the ground up with the finest engineering materials. This is how we can achieve 10x more power output than any other equivalent systems in the market.

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