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Designing your sensor showering experience

Design starts with people

Our journey began with carefully listening to our customers, and reflecting on how people interact with today’s conventional showers. We examined each moment of our customer’s journey from the moment they unbox their new showerhead, to the installation, the wait while the water warms up, rinsing their body and the maintenance over time. We asked ourselves: Why is each step so important? How can this be better and improve upon each process? Can we make it be for our user? And finally, how can this be achieved differently with technology?  We started from the basics to contemplate how to create a flawlessly intuitive experience throughout, while staying true to what people love about today’s shower. The design of the Oasense Reva showerhead is our best manifestation of that vision yet.


Technology doesn’t need to be complicated to comprehend

We believe that new innovation doesn’t have to mean a drastic change of how we do certain things. Oasense shower heads was designed to have the sleek aesthetic, as seen in luxury showerheads, with all of the internal technologies carefully concealed within. We made sure that the device is self-contained, and would be compatible with all standard shower arms. This is to ensure that our users can easily adopt Oasense Reva showerhead into their modern bathroom and be just as easy as installing a regular showerhead or a rain shower. 

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Relax while water automatically warms up to your needs

On average, it takes around 45 seconds or more for the shower water to warm up. For most eco-conscious people, they would ideally want the water to be shower-ready immediately without wasting any additional drops of water. Oasense Reva maximizes the water flow rate at start as it waits for the water to warm up, and automatically minimizes the water flow once the water temperature is ready. Our advanced algorithm samples the water temperature multiple times per second, and automatically predicts the best shower temperature based on user’s setting. Purging the cold water at maximum flow rate also allows Oasense Reva to take significantly less time for the water warm up compared to an equivalent low flow showerheads.


It’s more than just rinsing and water saving

For our design team, it’s was not only important for users to enjoy the true benefit of a powerful rinse and to save water intuitively, but also to ensure that when the water is reduced to 15%, that we're still providing a pleasant experience. The reduced water flow rate was designed to be the minimal amount of water to prevent drastic fluctuation in water temperature before and after entering the water saving mode, and also to provide the basic warmth coverage for our user especially in colder climate. Moreover, by not shutting the water off completely, users can minimize water-knocking or water hammering issues altogether that can dramatically shorten the lifespan of their plumbing infrastructure.


Touchless on and off shower function

The experience of using the Oasense Reva showerhead is completely handsfree and automatic. You won't have to press any button for it to start. Reva automatically turns on as you start the water. Similarly, when you are done with your shower, all you have to do is shut off the water as you normally would do, and continue your day fully refreshed. Reva uses its advanced sensor software to detect whether you are still active in shower, and automatically times out when you're done with your shower to conserve energy before your next shower. 

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