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Rethink your hotel water strategy with Oasense 

Many guests turn on their shower water, and forget that they’ve left the hot water running while multitasking.
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of hotel water usage is from showers


guests leave hot water running unattended

1 Million

gallons of hot water is wasted in a 300 room hotel annually

Meet the Oasense Reva sensor showerhead

The easy retro-fit shower that's revolutionizing hotel bathrooms

oasense reva won CES 2022 Innovation Award
Oasense steps turn on.png

Start the shower

Set the temperature and start the water

Oasense steps purging cold water xx.png

Warming up

Quickly expels the cold water

Oasense steps saving.png

Water is ready

The flow reduces once warm to save water until the guest steps in

Oasense steps rinsing.png

Begin showering

Step in to begin full pressure rinsing

The eco shower solution with fast ROI

Frame 114.png


Est. saving of 30% water & energy

Group 79.png




Return on investment

Conservation on behalf of your guests

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The small shower switch with a big impact

Your guests' shower experience is of the greatest importance to us. With our new way of showering, guests will enjoy contributing towards water conservation knowing that it will benefit generations to come.

‘76% of guests want to travel more sustainably’ *

  • Generate revenue growth from higher guest satisfaction scores

  • Reduce excess water, energy consumption & operational costs

  • Contribute towards proven science based ESG goals

  • Promote guests well-being with Reva’s enhanced shower experience

*Source from the Sustainable Travel Report by

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Join the hospitality partners that are already saving with Reva

oasense reva won CES 2022 Innovation Award
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Find out more about our partnership program

Get in touch and we’ll send you information about our exclusive pilot program offer and hotel case studies.

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