How is Oasense powered?

Oasense powers itself as you use it. We've integrated a feature that converts your hydro-energy to usable power.

Can I purchase an Oasense showerhead?

Yes. Our flagship showerhead will be made available in Winter 2019; Join our mailing list to get product sale alerts and updates about product features.

How much water can I save with Oasense?

Our most avid Oasense users save more than 60% of their shower water. The most delightful aspect of Oasense is that it allows you to summon and pause water effortlessly at your will, so water savings are as you desire.

Does the sensor work reliably?

Forget every terrible sensor you've ever experienced; Oasense's sensor suite is satisfyingly accurate and loved by our users.

How do I use Oasense?

Simply turn your water on to your desired temperature and step in when you are ready. Oasense starts sensing once you step into the shower.

Can anyone use Oasense?

Oasense works with everyone, but is most reliable when used by people 5' and taller.

Is it possible to use Oasense as a traditional showerhead?

Yes. Oasense can toggle between sensing mode and traditional mode.

How do I install Oasense?

The same way you install any showerhead. We suggest a wrench and teflon tape.

How much does Oasense cost?

Oasense is a premium showerhead, and our pricing will be competitive with traditional luxury showerheads.

What is the water pressure like? What is the flowrate?

Oasense is a no-compromise shower with outstanding, high water pressure. It comes tuned with a flowrate of 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute) when water is streaming, and 0 GPM when water is paused.

Is Oasense available internationally?

Not yet, but we intend to ship internationally once available. Let us know where you’re from to include you on our shipping map.

Do you have distributors?

We are in close communication with distributors, if you'd like to be one please get in touch with us.

How did this idea come to you?

In the shower, of course!