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The future of showering
is simple, beautiful, and sustainable

Design Philosophy

Showering is one of the few times in our day when we can focus on ourselves, not only to cleanse our body but also to clear our mind. Standing underneath a strong rinse in the shower helps to relieve us from our daily stresses and feel refreshed. Our shower is also our own personal refuge where once you step in, you can truly disconnect.


Despite all of these positives, showering can use an excessive amount of water and energy. Designers have tried to overcome this hurdle by creating water saving showerheads. However, to achieve water saving, their solution is to simply reduce the flow at source, which nearly always means a direct compromise in the shower user's experience.


It's for those very reasons that we set out to design the water saving shower of the future. We wanted to make sure that we preserved what people love the most about their shower time, and use technology to bridge the gap between sustainability and experience. We have transformed water saving in shower to be a high performance shower pleasure that you can enjoy, guilt free.

Our Principles

In order to achieve these sustainable water ideals, we followed these distinct design principles to meet our goals:


The most human centered sustainability

Human-centered design was one of our core building blocks as we begun to pioneer the future of showering. For us, design goes beyond the typical product aesthetics and materials. Design should also address the fundamental user experience directly.

We began our design process with listening to shower users and precisely considered each step of the shower journey and their expectations. These in-depth user insights helped us to develop a strong empathy and intuition towards our users, and with them, we set out to envision what the future of showering would look like.

Thanks to our wonderful community that have supported our user studies, their invaluable feedback has been instrumental for us in bringing our shower innovation to the world.

human centered

Complex technology made simple

Our belief is that innovation can be simple without complicated technology interface while maximizing the user benefits. We wanted Reva to be simple, high tech, and yet familiar, to ease user transition into our way of showering. To achieve this, we fundamentally re-designed the product architecture to flawlessly integrate our most important technical systems together inside an innovative unibody chassis.

We understand that privacy is a concern for consumers, therefore, technology appearance such as the sensor profile and the status light was purposefully kept to an absolute minimum to be as seamless as possible. By integrating function and style, Reva will become the highlight of a future-facing modern shower, that will deliver meaningful sustainability and satisfaction for its users.

made simple
Showerhead chrome surface.jpg

Design to the highest standard

The Reva showerhead features a 6” rounded facade to provide a full shower coverage, and can be used in both a regular shower and rain shower setup. The sensors are purposefully hidden on the thin rim of the device underneath a layer of glass-like cover plastic typically used for high performance optical sensing application.

The entire system is encased in an all-metal enclosure built with die-casted zinc-alluminum alloy, Zamak 3, and completed with a precision CNC machining process to provide a clean finish throughout. The sleek curvature on the back of the product is reminiscent of the hydro-turbine directly underneath the metal enclosure. Reva’s overall design features an atmosphere of depth and simplicity while protecting all the advanced electronics within.

highest standard
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