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Bath Trends in KBIS 2023

Updated: Jan 15

Bathroom design trends leave plenty of space for accommodating eco-friendly technology. Attention to overall finish, detail, and styling includes being mindful of the clever use of technology to achieve a calming and relaxing space that has a minimal environmental impact. Adapting an eco bathroom is a surefire way to reduce your carbon footprint at home. Let’s take a look at some of the themes and trends that you can expect to see being included in bathroom redesign projects throughout 2023 and how eco-bathroom technology can be incorporated.

Sleek Marble and Stone

Smooth, sleek marble and polished natural stone give a calming effect. Stone expenses are durable and offer simple lines that are easy to clean. Natural stone has a timeless quality which means no need for wasteful refits of your bathroom due to your design no longer being on-trend. Without the use of harmful Petro-chemicals, natural stone has minimal impact on the environment and provides the perfect backdrop to offset modern technological features such as elegant taps and mixers that include aerators and infrared, hands-free sensors for water-saving automatic cut-off control.

Large expanses of real stone can be costly. Smaller budgets can still benefit from the sleek stone look by opting for marble and onyx-effect tiles made from porcelain and ceramic.

Contrasting Textures

Kitchen design in 2023 sees the industrial look reign. You can achieve a similar look within your bathroom design by including contrasting textures throughout the space. Sleek aluminum and porcelain surfaces and polished recycled glass contrast with rustic wooden shelving and textured tiling. Wooden vanities, particularly ones with a matte finish, are a popular choice bringing a natural warmth that contrasts against other textures. Many eco-conscious homeowners are incorporating renovated and repurposed wooden furniture to be used as vanity units or bathroom storage. If you do choose new wood rather than repurposed wood, ensure the wood has been produced responsibly by looking for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard mark.

Spa Designs

The elegance and serenity of spas are making their presence felt in domestic bathroom designs in 2023. Japanese Soaking Tubs, known as offers made from high-end materials such as copper, stone, stainless steel, and cedar wood are a fantastic addition to bathrooms designed with relaxation in mind. Quality designs made from sustainable materials mean that your bath or soaking tub will last for years to come Many bathroom designs also feature eco-whirlpool baths or jacuzzi technology for a relaxing soak.

To complement the serenity of a spa-design bathroom, consider using the Oasense Reva smart showerhead that gives a high-pressure, concentrated stream and automatically limits the flow, and shuts off when rinsing. Wall-mounted soft-close toilets also provide understated elegance. Many modern toilet designs incorporate water-saving features such as dual-flush systems which can save up to 50% more water compared to flush systems. You might also like to consider water recycling systems that allow you to divert waste sink water to flush toilets.

Finishing touches in a spa-designed home bathroom include towels and robes fashioned from organic renewable materials such as luxury bamboo and silk and luxury toiletries made from natural ingredients.

New Minimalism

Clean lines and no-fuss bathrooms are on trend for 2023. New minimalism recognizes the psychological benefits and well-being that uncluttered spaces provide. New minimalist designs emphasize high-quality elements that bring style and details to simple spaces. Keep the overall design clear and clean and invest in quality lighting fittings. Bathroom-rated LED bulbs are a smart eco-choice. Using 90% less energy than other lighting options, LED lighting is an efficient and environmentally friendly choice for a new minimalist look.

Walk-in showers provide the simple clean lines associated with new minimalism. Where a shower screen is needed, opt for clear recycled glass. Look to add style with a sleek, minimal design shower that combines high performance with features to save water. The latest shower designs feature low-flow shower heads that aerate the water and provide the sensation of high-water pressure without excessive use of water.

Terrazzo flooring

Hard-wearing terrazzo tiling is an eco-friendly option that features as a flooring and wall tile choice in the 2023 bathroom design. Hard-wearing and stylish, terrazzo is made from scraps of other tile materials such as marble and glass. Designs and color schemes of terrazzo tiling range from bold statement designs to more muted options. And, if you are replacing flooring as part of a bathroom redesign, look to incorporate underfloor heating that uses radiant heat technology to provide an energy-efficient way to heat your terrazzo tiling.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design continues to bring the natural world indoors in 2023-bathroom design. Lush plants provide a calming and aesthetic effect and can also offer the added benefit of purifying the air. If your bathroom does include a window that overlooks a garden or green space, ensure your design incorporates natural light which will help plants within the design to remain healthy. You can also consider installing skylights or Velux roof windows to bring natural light into your bathroom design. Solar-powered and automated ventilation Velux windows will also reduce your overall reliance on electricity for ventilating and lighting your bathroom.

And, if you hanker after the biophilic design trend but don’t trust yourself to keep houseplants alive, you can look to include wall-coverings with botanical and nature-inspired designs, even bold panoramas of natural landscapes.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom design trends for 2023 include plenty of scope for budgets and bathrooms of all sizes. With a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly options, your bathroom can be a relaxing sanctuary without costing the earth. It pays to consider how eco-technology is complementing your design to ensure that your space will stand the test of time. To completely achieve a pleasing experience, follow some of these cleaning tips because nothing beats a spotless bathroom!




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