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Emerging Bath Trends in KBIS 2023 and Oasense Roundup

Updated: Jan 15

Find out more about the latest trends observed this year at KBIS and see how the Reva showerhead made a real splash in shower innovation at the show.

Today, bathroom and kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects within the United States. This year, Oasense had the privilege to showcase our product among other top designers, remodelers and architects in attendance at KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) 2023.

KBIS is where multiple worlds — that of design, technology and architecture — collide to offer a spectacular experience and generate conversations around the future of the kitchen and bath industry. KBIS is the place to receive answers to the most Intriguing

questions like: “what are the color trends for bathrooms 2023” or “what are the latest trends for bathroom designs 2023”.

KBIS is the largest North American event for kitchen and bath design professionals. It offers the premier platform to engage design communities, network with qualified buyers, unveil new products, gain media exposure and generate new leads.

So let's begin this years KBIS roundup by firstly sharing Oasense’s experience as well as some of the most interesting industry insights and trends that the team observed at the event.

Oasense at KBIS

Oasense was excited to get up close and personal with some of our Reva fans and also demonstrate Reva’s revolutionary technology to a brand new audience. It was also important for us to participate in the trade show in order to establish its presence in the kitchen and bath industry while making useful and exciting connections with other industry professionals.

The team also got the opportunity to observe the latest bathroom trends and modern designs for 2023 to help inspire future products and collaborations. Oasense’s booth was located in the north hall, featuring live demo pitches, products to hold, as well as takeaway information and goodies for visitors who came to see us.

Oasense also had the opportunity to learn about the latest kitchen and bathroom trends and gather interest and positive impressions from booth attendees and distributors. Our team was thrilled to be named a top 5 finalist in the Kickstarter competition and earn titles such as "Most innovative product at the show."

COO Ted Li gave the top finalist winning speech to the judges about the story behind the Reva sensor-based shower head, from its water-saving functions to its human-centered design to the electronics within. It was great to exercise our live pitch skills and let people feel the quality and weight of the Reva showerhead and present a totally new concept of water saving to a very engaging crowd.

Key trends seen at KBIS

KBIS offers the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the latest trends that are turning bathrooms into a unique and eye-catching experience. It was both encouraging and inspiring to see that Oasense’s latest products are following those trends while leaving an innovative touch.

Farewell to all white

Bathroom color trends include Matte Black that was about 40% on display, presenting as a moody chic trend, often paired with marble or darker tiles. Oasense presented the latest Reva in Matte Black exclusively in KBIS to continue pairing design to the highest standard with sustainability.

However, we also noticed that colors were making a big splash as dark greens, warm yellows, and soft pinks were stealing the spotlight. Bath brands adding to the color wheel.

Other trends showcased were the use of green for wall tiles, wallpaper designs and mixed metals used to update the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic for 2023. Another application of the green trend was in the showering area with green tiles being added to give a touch of luxury and elegance.

Wellness features steal the show

More and more brands are incorporating wellness features into their creations. Brizo’s new Mystix Steam System turned heads at the trade show. The immersive steam shower comes in two experiences: a standard Elemental steam shower with temperature control and an upgraded version called Transcendent offering various therapeutic options — chromatherapy, aromatherapy and audiotherapy, preset with your preferences. You are in full control of the steam pressure and the temperature as well as the choice of lighting moods. You can also connect a shower speaker hidden in the ceiling to music apps like Spotify and Calm, for audiotherapy.

Moen also attracted crowds by introducing the Verso Rainshower with Magnetix, which makes cleaning your shower head an easy task by simply detaching it from the magnetized shower arm. The Magnetix dock integrates recycled ocean plastic for a sustainable design solution.

High-Tech performance

Kohler introduced its new Innate line of smart toilets, equipped with advanced technological features. It features bidet functions, water pressure and temperature control, automatic UV cleaning, a built-in nightlight, adjustable heated seat, all controlled by a handheld remote.

Toto’s Neorest smart bidet toilets redefined luxury bathrooms by featuring auto-flush, adjustable heated seat, auto-dryer and auto open/close lid. Toto keeps design and innovation at the forefront of its collections.

Eco-luxury makes an appearance

It’s about time that the more established companies turn their attention to sustainability and integrate it into their innovations. The trend is slowly emerging, especially when it comes to water conservation. Kohler unveiled Abstra, the second collection for Kohler Waste Lab, using the company’s pottery refuse to create sustainable products for the home. When developing this collection, waste conservation was taken a step further as Kohler maximizes sustainability efforts.

Of course, Oasense is also pushing the boundaries in eco-technology, by ensuring that your shower experience is enhanced and not reduced when you save. This is the future of eco-luxury, allowing for up to 50% water and energy savings while ensuring a sensational experience.

Our KBIS 2023 Round-up

There is no doubt that KBIS is an experience like no other. While we noticed a lot of new trends, we expect those to be geared more towards tech and innovation during the next shows. We also look forward to seeing more eco-friendly products and innovation that places sustainability at the forefront of their mission.

While it was helpful for people to look at Reva showerheads, touch them and feel them, it would be more effective to have live and working demo showers to give a greater performance, simplify Oasense’s concept and share the showering experience with the public.

KBIS is the place to leave you wondering about the future of the kitchen and bath industry, with many conversations to remember, ideas to test and partners to collaborate with. It gave Oasense the space to tell its story and share its mission of incorporating eco-technology and water saving features in elegantly made, high quality shower heads.

KBIS is most definitely the go-to destination in North America to find the forefront of Kitchen and Bathroom trends and we look forward to attending again next year with even more exciting Oasense innovations. Watch the space!



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