How Can I Make My Shower More Sustainable?

Updated: Apr 18

You can make your shower more sustainable by being more conscious of the amount of time you spend and the amount of water you use. You could also consider investing in a water-saving shower.

Conserving water should be a primary concern in all households. As global warming continues, it raises increasing worry over our dwindling resources of freshwater.

The average American uses approximately 15.8 gallons of water during an 8-minute shower. Although taking a shower is more sustainable than taking a bath, you should still be conscious of the potential water waste you are creating.

Here are a few tips on how to make your shower more sustainable.

Let’s get started.

Take shorter showers

The most practical means of making your shower more sustainable would be to reduce your allotted shower time. You can do this by timing your showers or showering more quickly.

If all average Americans cut their shower time by just 1 minute, they could save a whopping 165 gallons of water per year!

By simply putting a timer on your phone every time you shower, you can reduce your water usage by over a half. Alternatively, you could make a playlist that only lasts so long and be ready to leave the shower when it ends.

If you could get your shower time down to the 4-minute mark, you could save approximately 8 gallons of water daily.

Stay conscious of the time you spend washing. Try to be proactive with your time and wash efficiently. Avoid shaving in the shower when you can.

Consider keeping your shower temperature low

Not only will warm showers help you keep energy use down, but they will also make your shower more sustainable as you will likely take shorter showers.

Spending 8 minutes in a hot shower is detrimental to the environment. In addition to keeping your shower time down, you should also aim to take milder showers.

Taking a lukewarm shower is both good for the environment and is also a sufficient temperature for cleanliness. If you keep your shower lukewarm, you are also less likely to spend a long time enjoying the warmth.

But if you like long and hot baths, you can also consider using Oasense showerhead. With Oasense, you can indulge in your shower at your desired temperature while still being eco-friendly. The showerhead prevents water wastage by lowering the water flow any time you step away from the shower.

Collect excess water

Depending on the quality of your shower, it can take a while for the water temperature to be just right. The wait causes a lot of excess water to run down completely unused. Avoid this by catching as much water as possible. Or use our intelligent showerhead that heavily reduces water flow if you’re not under the shower.

If you don’t have enough space to fit a bucket under your shower at all times, be sure to have a bucket at least at the start when the shower is heating up.

Some showerheads can use up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If, for example, your shower takes 30 seconds to warm up, there could be upwards of a gallon lost.

You could reuse these excess gallons elsewhere in your house. This helps you minimize wastage, as well as render your shower more sustainable.

You could use this excess water to water your plants, wash your car, or any other reason that you may require clean water.

Turn off the tap when not in use

To make your shower more sustainable, only use water when it is needed. After initially soaking your body, water is only necessary for rinsing the soap off. You could cut the shower when you are applying soap.