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How to replace a shower head and install a new Oasense Reva smart shower head

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Replacing an old shower head with Reva smart shower head is easy. It is the same as changing to a normal one. Unlike some complex shower systems or smart shower systems, hiring a plumber or remodeling the bathroom is not necessary. We recommend a bright shower environment whether it is a tub or a stall. We also recommend at least 48" of room in the shower stall or tub to allow a full step back using Reva.

Step 1: How to remove a shower head

In the following video, we will show you how to remove a shower head. Unscrew your shower head with your hand or with the wrench that comes with Reva,

and turn counterclockwise. Sometimes the joint between the shower head and shower arm would be rusted, or the shower head would be stuck anyways, in these cases, tools like a plier might come in handy. Use a soft cloth over the plier if you want to preserve the shower head or shower arm coatings.

Step 2: Thread tapes, sealants

Apply Teflon thread tape, "clockwise" for 4~5 wraps. This is optional most of the time as the gaskets in the shower head should help seal the water. However, there are times when the pipe thread is worn out or when the pipe or shower head has bad tolerance or low quality, using Teflon tapes or other pipe sealing agents would be how you fix a leaking shower head. Apply them gently should be sufficient.

Step 3: How to install an Oasense Reva (or any other shower heads)

It is as simple as it can be, just screw it on, clockwise. You can also use a wrench to tighten the swivel ball if you want to be extra safe. The gaskets of Reva would engage with the shower arm and create a good seal. Don't over-tighten it, as the gasket could be damaged and cause leaks over time.

Step 4: Make sure Oasense logo is on top and readable.

If you are using a rain shower setup, we recommend to have a 15 degree tilt against the ground to have the best sensing performance.

Step 5: Enjoy your shower.

Oasense Reva provides high-pressure rinsing and saves water when warming up and stepping back. Our all-in-one design ensures an easy installation, and our built-in turbine self-powered the shower head so you wouldn't need to charge it. We recommend having water pressure higher than 50 psi to ensure proper charging.

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