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Oasense Reva, how intelligent sensor shower head helps you save water

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Smart approach to shower, with technology

The Oasense Reva is the intelligent self-powered shower head that rewards you with an uncompromising sustainable shower yet. It allows you to experience rinsing like a typical shower, but can reduce the overall water usage by more than 50%.

Oasense Reva uses intuitive embedded sensors to adjust the water flow automatically. It reduces the flow to 10% whenever the full rinsing experience isn’t needed, and resumes 100% full flow when you step under the shower head. The Oasense Reva provides the best water saving shower experience that is not only impactful but also enjoyable.

stops all the waste water

Oasense showers are intelligently designed so that you can have the best and most intuitive water saving experience.

The shower head has a temperature detection feature that minimizes excess wasted water after the cold water has been purged. Start the tap normally, and once your desired temperature has been reached, Oasense will reduce the flow to 10% to indicate that water is ready.

Once you step into the shower, our proprietary sensor suite will precisely detect your presence and automatically allow full strong flow of water for a powerful rinse. Simply take a step back while you soap up and save water like no other showerhead.

This infrared based sensor fusion technology and the learning algorithm makes our sensing superior to commonly used faucet sensors in high humidity conditions such as in the shower.

The wavelength of our optical sensor is selected to minimize the reflection of fog or water droplets, and is paired with supplementary sensing mechanisms to overcome shortcomings of traditional infrared sensing and achieve best signal to noise ratio.

The onboard microprocessor runs a learning algorithm that will adjust itself for different users and environments in real time to provide the most intuitive presence sensing-shower experience in the world.

We have engineered a micro-turbine that harnesses energy from the shower water. The turbine spins as much as 3000 RPM. High strength aerospace grade polymer is used to construct the core of the turbine structure to ensure high performance and optimum reliability.

Just enjoy the high pressure, luxury shower head

The Oasense showerhead design philosophy is to create a human-centric solution to our ever increasing water deficit by using technology that can be seamlessly integrated and aesthetically appealing. We want to not only enhance the user experience of an eco-shower, but also present our showerhead in a format that is familiar and resembles the aesthetic expectations of a modern bathroom.

The sleek design is encased in chrome metal and built with Zamak 3 zinc-alloy, which provides the superior build quality and appealing aesthetic of a bathroom fixture. We have managed to fit these unique technologies into one compact device, with our advanced sensor suite and micro-turbine which is situated between the metal enclosure and the rubber nozzle plate. The plate is then surrounded by a ring of transparent cover plastics that directly meets the back of the enclosure.

Our sensor suite is purposefully hidden on the edge of the showerhead. The sensors are discreetly positioned and protected by this layer of the glass-like cover plastic, creating an atmosphere of depth and simplicity.

All of our materials, from the polycarbonate to the zinc-alloy, are recyclable and contribute to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. The sensor compartment is modularized within the showerhead body, and a minimal amount of sealant is used to encase the electronics to achieve IP67 waterproof rating. All of the electronics can be easily salvaged and repurposed when the device reaches the end of its life cycle.


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