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Top 10 Summer Shower Tips

Updated: May 16, 2022

As the summer heat begins to intensify, we look for ways to keep ourselves fresh and clean during those hotter months. Your shower can provide the perfect solution to keeping cool and relaxed, and there are multiple ways to increase your shower enjoyment by making small tweaks to your summer bathroom and showering habits.

Here are the top 10 tips to maximise your shower enjoyed this summer!

1. Exfoliate your skin in the shower

The summer heat can be particularly drying for our skin, not to mention the extra action your feet sees from all of that sandal and flip flop wearing. By carefully exfoliating your skin, by using a loofah or dry brushing prior to your shower, you will help to brush away old dead skin and help to promote new skin growth which will keep your skin looking fresh and glowing all summer long.

2. Hang Eucalyptus branches in your shower

Turn your shower into a zen like spa by simply hanging Eucalyptus branches above your showerhead. Not only does this create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom statement, but as the water runs over the branches, the leaves will release natural essential oils which have proven benefits of helping to destress and also to help relieve sinus issues.

You can find Eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s for $3 or from many independent local florists. .

3. Consider changing your hair washing routine

It’s tempting to increase the frequency of washing your hair during the hotter months, however this can cause excessive drying of the hair follicle and scalp.

Whilst it's ok to let your hair get wet in the shower everyday, consider reducing the amount of times you shampoo (2-3 times per week is the general consensus), this way your scalp can naturally regenerate its own oils to promote a healthy scalp and shiney lengths.

4. Switch to a water saving shower

It’s not uncommon to shower multiple times per day during the summer, especially with increased outdoor activity. However, with growing pressure on vital water resources it’s important to make mindful choices when considering your shower habits.

By switching to water conserving showerhead like Oasense, you can indulge in your shower sustainably, this intuitive showerhead creates water saving conditions when you step away from the shower and then immerses you with a full flowing sensation when you step towards it.

It’s never been easier to embrace self-care and earth-care whilst showering.

5. Try taking a shorter shower

More than a third of the water we use in our homes each day is used in the shower. Whilst showers do use less water than taking a bath, taking longer showers with conventional shower heads can be equally draining.

By investing in a water efficient showers, like the Oasense showerhead, you can indulge in your shower, whilst being considerate of your water usage. The Oasense showerhead intuitively knows when you step away when showering and automatically switches to low flow mode which can save more than 50% water each time you shower.

6. Add natural elements to your shower

Transform your shower into an eco-luxury experience with an all natural moisture and mildew resistant bamboo shower mat. These versatile mats can be used inside your shower cubicle or outside the shower, not only making a bold visual choice for your bathroom, but also providing the perfect not slip ergonomic foot choice. It’s eco-friendly attributes means no more washing bath mats in the machine, as bamboo mats require little maintenance, helping to save on excessive water usage.

7. Moisturise after your shower

When we're rinsing and enjoying the water sensation in the shower, it’s easy to forget that we are also washing away some of the natural barriers on our skin that help to keep our skin moisturised. That’s why it's important to moisturize as soon as possible after your shower to make sure that you lock that moisture in. And go easy on the towelling to be kind to your skin by patting it dry after you’ve showered.

Try Cerave, it’s a good all rounder non scented moisturiser which is compatible with most skin types and helps to lock in that moisture post showering

8. Treat yourself to some planet friendly products

Without realizing it, many of our day to day showering products contain some ingredients which may not be ideal for your skin. We tend to spend a lot of time considering the produce that we put into our bodies, but why not treat your skin, the largest organ in your body with the same consideration.

By making conscious selections when choosing shower products, you will not only be treating yourself to an amazing showering experience, but also helping to preserve your local water resources.

9. Shower before you go to sleep

Taking a shower in the evening before bedtime can be hugely beneficial, especially during those long hot summer nights. When you shower before you sleep it helps you to unwind and to lower your body temperature which helps you drift off to sleep better.

Additionally, if you choose to relax after your shower, without toweling off straight away, this can provide a natural way to cool down on a hot night.

10. Take a final invigorating cold rinse before stepping out of the shower

Try turning your shower thermostat to cold for the final part of your shower for an invigorating blast of fresh water. Studies have shown that dousing your body in a sudden cold flush of water can be hugely beneficial to your health such as boosting circulation, increasing your body's immune response and assists in athletic recovery after working out.

So, why not try cooling down after a nice hot shower with a cold blast which will not only help to keep you cool but also make you feel great!


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