How Can I Make My Bathroom Waste Zero?

Updated: May 16

Zero waste washrooms are a new trend in the bathroom industry. They offer an eco-friendly and sustainable way to go about your bathroom needs.

You can reduce your bathroom waste with the following:

  1. Smart showerheads to minimize water consumption

  2. Plastic-free shampoos

  3. Bar soaps

  4. Organic oral care products

  5. Low-waste makeup and skincare products

  6. No unnecessary products

  7. Safety razors

  8. Lukewarm and short showers

  9. Reusable containers

  10. Eco-friendly toilet products

  11. Sustainable flushing to reduce water waste

Zero-waste washrooms eliminate excess packaging by using bulk products and reusable containers. Consider using plastic-free cleaning options like bar shampoos instead of liquid soaps.

Thus, the whole notion behind the zero-waste practice is to keep only what you need most. In a way, it helps you to reconsider things you can live without. Additionally, you should recycle or compost anything that might end up in landfills.

As a result, you can reduce the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. You can also conserve finite resources. Therefore, switching to a zero-waste bathroom can improve your impact on the ecosystem and its biodiversity.

This article is a comprehensive guide to help you make your bathroom waste zero one small step at a time.

Let’s dive in!

Consider smart showers for minimum water consumption

Sustainable showers are a growing trend among eco-conscious individuals. By investing in an innovative and sustainable shower, you can reduce water consumption and minimize liquid waste. Modern intelligent showers like Oasense dispense the right amount of water and ensure there’s no wastage by limiting water flow when you step away from the shower.

Since one-fifth of the world suffers from water shortages, installing a smart showerhead becomes more a responsibility than a hack for a zero-waste bathroom. Therefore, such eco-friendly showers are the way forward for a more thoughtful and sustainable world.

If you’re not sure whether your showerhead is water-efficient, here is a simple test to find out. If your showerhead takes less than 20 seconds to fill a gallon of water, it’s time to change your showerhead.

Since the idea is to make your bathroom zero-waste, you can’t allow the water to spill away. So, look for a smarter option that saves up to 50% water with advanced sensor-based technology.

A smart showerhead may seem like a bigger investment, but it’s worth the price. In the long run, you’re saving quite some bucks on your water bills.

Try plastic-free shampoos

Plastic-free shampoos can reduce your impact on the environment and promote a more sustainable life. Going plastic-free can help save space in landfills, prevent hazardous chemicals from entering our waterways, and reduce long-term health risks.